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Professionalism is the behavior you exhibit at work.
As a professional, there are certain things people expect of you regularly.
Kindly find below few professional conducts at work:
*1. Punctuality*
One of the personality traits of a professional is arriving at work early.
Punctuality is the sole business.
*2. Positive Attitude to Work*
Every person is expected to come to work with a positive attitude.
Be cheerful and look very bright with a smile.
Don’t carry your home problems to work.
*3. Dress Appropriately*
Dressing is such an integral part of a professional.
Every person is expected to dress properly at all times- clean well ironed clothes, tidy hairs, nice make-up, good perfume, etc.
Dressing professionally tells a lot about your person and will determine how people treat you- you dress the way you want to be addressed.
Keep yourself professionally groomed and always pay attention to your personal hygiene.
*4. Watch your Tongue*
It is extremely important that we watch what we say everywhere.
As a professional ensure the following:
– No swearing.
– No vulgar languages.
– No cursing.
– No fighting.
– No shouting.
– No unprofessional exhibitions.
– Complain less.
*5. Share Knowledge*
Professionals are always willing to lend helping hand.
They share knowledge and are always willing to assist others.
*6. Respect for yourself and others*
Every person is expected to respect himself/herself always.
It is also important to respect others always.
Be polite at all times to even when provoked.
*7. Control your anger*
The work place is an area you must learn to manage your anger well.
*8. Be Honest*
Do not lie. Dishonesty never makes anyone good. Be honest and calm at all times.
*9. Keep Your Intergrity* Never expose your dirty linen in the public.
*10. Maintain official Confidence*
Avoid giving out too much information. Keep confidential information confidential.
*11. Follow Organizational Policies*
Professionals obey all organizational policies.
This shows you are disciplined.
Obeying work policies will be advantageous to your career.
*12. Get your job done*
Ensure you prepare your to-do-list for the day and lesson plan for the week and strive to achieve them.
At the end of every day and week, it is important to go through your to-do-list and see how much you have achieved.
Professionalsa are result-oriented.
*13. Look forward to each new day*
Professionals look forward to the opportunities that each new day brings.
You should not dread going to work. Instead savour the opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis.
*14. Be an epitome of hope*
Professionals are *Sure Sign of Hope*  Educators are not left out in this great campaign. Let’s embrace the ethics of our profession as a life builders.