Preparing for Ghana’s 2020 Elections


Preparing for Ghana’s 2020 Elections.

It an important event in demonstrating democracy in Ghana.

December 7 2020 is Ghana’s Election Day and Ghanaians will have the opportunity to exercise their power and franchise in selecting a president and members of parliament. It is important that registered voters go all out to demonstrate their love for Ghana but most importantly it should be peaceful.

Kindly follow the necessary guidelines and protocols at your various polling centers to cast your vote and remember the voting starts at 7am and ends 5pm on 7th December 2020. Put on your face mask and practice social distancing during the exercise. Do not take a photoshoot of your vote as it is against the laws of Ghana and do not tell people who you voted for.

Your friends at Xenos Media are all going out to vote so should you. Let’s do this in peace and make Ghana proud and great.

We wish Ghana a peaceful and a successful election from all the teams and people at Xenos Media.