Second Edition of Ghana’s Maiden Film Convention to Be Held in February 2021


Second Edition of Ghana’s Maiden Film Convention to Be Held in February 2021.

GhMovie-Con is an event in convention style that gathers together film lovers, aficionados, content creators, cinema buffs and investors. Which is held at the beginning of every year to provide a platform for exclusive announcements and big reveals of film projects, innovations and film related technologies to be expected within the year. The platform would also serve as a kick start for the film’s marketing and promotional activities.

The 2020 edition highlighted some of the biggest film releases to be expected by Ghanaian’s and the world within the year 2020 and beyond. With presentations, announcements and panel discussions from an array of renowned award winning filmmakers that included Pascal Aka, M.Sayibu, Abu Iddris and others.

As part of its contribution in pushing a positive narrative for the Ghana Film Industry, it is a believe that this event will go a long way to help sustain the cinema culture and pop culture that needs to be associated with the art and business of film-making in Ghana.

Some industry stakeholders have already described the event as a breath of fresh air that seeks to add positively to changing the narrative of the Ghana’s Film Industry which is seen by many as dead.

An experience unlike anything you have seen before for the Ghana Film Industry. We showcase all the greatest projects, innovations and film technologies that you should expect within the year and beyond.

This convention brings together all pop culture enthusiasts putting ‘film’ as a form of art and business at the centre of all the conversations.

GhMovie-Con, every year, brings together professionals and award-winning talents in the film industry. Providing attendees the opportunity to network, pitch ideas and close deals all for the love of film.

The event would be held at the Snap Cinemas, Accra City Hall on the 6th of February 2021 at 4pm. And would soon become a permanent fixture on the film calendar for Ghanaian films.

GhMovie-Con2021 is being held by Xscape Digital Consult (XDC), supported by the National Film Authority and sponsored by Cassette, Yamoah Entertainment, Prop Haven, Ceejay Multimedia, MK Casting, Sybilluv Ventures. Media partners Xenos Media,, Sammyflex TV,,, Kobby Kyei News Live, Ghana Film Network,, Shine, Event Guide Africa, Toscar Gh,

Speakers includes Laurene Addy, Jeremiah Dodoo, Kojo Sampah, York-Fabian Raabe, Alexander Wadouh, Eugene Boateng, Jacob Kwame Denero, Kofi Kyei, Samuel Ebuley Afful and Tito Marshall Gomez.

This event requires only a specific limited number of attendees, register to book a seat now visit